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Not Now

The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 41, July 1937 - April, 1938

Historical Notes

The Fort Worth Library Association has plans well advanced to
construct a new library building at a cost of $400,000. The money
is to be provided by a bond issue supplemented with a P.W.A. grant.
Mr. John A. Lowe, chairman of the committee on buildings of the
American Library Association, is acting as consultant to the local
architect, Mr. Joseph Pelich. This information was supplied in a
letter from I. H. Burney, president of the Library Board of Fort
Mrs. Jean Shelley Henry of Texas Christian University is
writing a thesis on the life of Andy Adams. Until a few years
ago Andy Adams was almost unknown despite the fact that he
had written several books about Texas. His novel, The Texas
Matchmaker, has southwest Texas for its background. The Log
of a Cowboy is the story of the cattle drive from the Rio Grande
north. Though prophecy is never safe, one is taking no great risk
in predicting that this book will eventually be recognized nationally,
as it now is locally, as a frontier classic. For many years before
his death, which occurred about a year ago, Andy Adams lived at
the Alamo Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He seems to
have been a natural writer who had the gift of style despite the
lack of formal training. Anyone having letters from or informa-
tion about Andy Adams will render a service by communicating
with Mrs. Henry at Fort Worth.
J. Frank Dobie and the writer each had several letters from
Andy Adams. Mrs. Henry examined these letters, which were
then presented to the University of Texas library.
Rex W. Strickland, formerly at State Teachers College, Hat-
tiesburg, Mississippi, is a new member of the history department
at the College of Mines in El Paso.
Professor John L. Waller of the College of Mines at El Paso is
collecting material on the life of Colonel George Withe Baylor


Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 41, July 1937 - April, 1938. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 1, 2016.

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