The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 41, July 1937 - April, 1938

Book Reviews

slips Dr. Reynolds has done a fine job. It is to be hoped that other
studies similar to this one will be made throwing more light on
the peculiar political set-up occasioned by the "one party system"
and unusual economic and social conditions.
Louisiana Polytechnic Institute.
The Colonial Period of American History: The Settlements.
Volume II. By Charles McLean Andrews. (New Haven:
Yale University Press, 1936. Pp. 407. $4.00.)
When it became known that Professor Andrews was working
on his history of the colonial period of our country's development,
historians throughout the nation felt that another good history
was on the way. The first volume met all expectations and received
the 1935 Pulitzer Prize in History. The appearance of the second
volume was waited for by all those who wanted to read farther
with Professor Andrews into the colonial period, not only to enjoy
the narrative but also to observe the scholarly procedure of the
The second volume deals with but five of the colonies-Rhode
Island, Connecticut, New Haven, Barbados, and Maryland. Two
chapters are devoted each to Rhode Island, Connecticut, and
Maryland, while New Haven and Barbados are treated in one
chapter each. The other chapter, entitled "The Proprietary Gov-
ernment: Introductory," is discussed at length in a scholarly and
instructive manner.
In general, the history of Rhode Island is carried through the
receipt of the charter in 1663, but the disputes with Connecticut
and Massachusetts, respectively, and the contest between Roger
Williams and William Harris carry the story far beyond this limit.
The two chapters on Connecticut trace the beginnings of Con-
necticut and relate the history of the river settlements from the
writing of the Fundamental Orders through the granting of the
charter in 1662. The chapter on New Haven relates the founding
of the settlements in this colony and carries the narrative through
the incorporation of the colony with Connecticut.
The second half of the volume takes up the proprietary govern-


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