The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 41, July 1937 - April, 1938

Southwestern Hlistorical Quarterly

(Continued from the January, 1938, Number.)
Throughout the period of the revolution, the regular army of
Texas was a paper army, consisting simply of elaborate plans, nu-
merous officers, and empty ranks. Independence was won by volun-
teers who came and went largely at their own pleasure, but who
were present in sufficient numbers at San Jacinto. When the Gen-
eral Council convened a volunteer army under command of Austin
was besieging the Mexican forces in San Antonio, and it was but
natural that the Council should immediately turn its attention to,
the welfare of this group of men.
This army of volunteers had come into being before the organi-
zation of the Consultation, and as a result that body saw fit to
make it largely independent of the government. A resolution
adopted by the Consultation declared the volunteers were under
no obligation to submit to control by the Provisional Government.
Consequently, the Provisional Government could do no more than
make advisory communications and furnish supplies." A resolu-
tion adopted by the Council, November 15, stated that "the Gov-
ernor and Council should not appoint or commission any officers
for the command of said army, unless previously elected or rec-
ommended by themselves . . . this body will do all in their
power to sustain them and provide for their comfort."2
A select committee to investigate the condition of the army
reported November 18, but the report contained little more than
a recommendation for the appointment of a contractor for the
army, and the establishment of an express route between army
headquarters and San Felipe. An ordinance which accompanied
the report was subjected to some minor amendments and passed.
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