The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 41, July 1937 - April, 1938

Book Reviews

include the region where the "wilderness" is being changed into "a
settled country." The Turner conception of the significance of
the frontier is accepted throughout, but is elaborated more fully
than in any previous treatment.
The division of space, 161 pages to "The West under Spain,
France, and England," 234 pages to "The Frontier of the Middle
West," and 225 pages to "The Frontier of the Far West," gives
the author's estimate of the relative importance of each division.
Evaluation of periods of history usually calls for dissent; never-
theless, this division shows balance. Students of the South and
Southwest, however, may feel that these sections have been neg-
If recurrence of Iowa and things Iowan appears unduly frequent,
one should recall Professor Clark's intimate relation with and his
study of the history of Iowa. The influence of Iowa and Iowan
institutions is well known. Finally, it seems peculiarly fitting that
Professor Clark, resident of the land of "climate unsurpassed,"
who has spent so much of his life in the midst of the West, should
present what is undoubtedly for the moment the most suitable text-
book in this field.
College of Mines and Metallurgy.
'The Changing West and Other Essays. By Laurence M. Larson.
(Northfield, Minn.: Norwegian-American Historical Asso-
ciation, 1937. Pp. 180. Price, $2.50.)
Friends and former students of Professor Laurence M. Larson
will be happy to know that the Norwegian-American Historical
Association has published a series of essays written by Larson under
the title The Changing West and Other Essays. Professor Theodore
C. Blegen, the editor of the Norwegian-American Historical Asso-
ciation's publications, thought it particularly proper that these
essays should be published at this time in honor of Professor Lar-
son's election to the presidency of the American Historical Asso-
The Changing West contains, in addition to three articles pub-
lished earlier, a number of essays not published before. These are:
"Hjalmar Hjort Boyesen," "Skandinaven, Professor Anderson, and


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