The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 41, July 1937 - April, 1938

Southwestern HIistorical Quarterly

were members of his seminar in historiography where they were
introduced to a critical appreciation of leading works in United
States history.
This group of essays deals with representatives of several types
of historians ranging from Bancroft to the present. The chief
works of the historians selected-George Bancroft, Richard Hild-
reth, Francis Parkman, Herman E. von Holst, James Schouler,
Woodrow Wilson, John B. McMaster, John Fiske, James F. Rhodes,
Henry Adams, Alfred T. Mahan, Theodore Roosevelt, Frederick J.
Turner, Herbert L. Osgood, Edward Channing, George L. Beer,
Clarence W. Alvord, Claude H. Van Tyne, Ulrich B. Phillips,
Albert J. Beveridge, and Vernon L. Parrington-have been ex-
amined. The purpose was to ascertain their methods of research,
the influences determining their outlook upon the past, and the
reasons justifying their remembrance by students of American
The editor has done a nice job of unifying the work of the
twenty-one authors of the essays. The essays are worth-while
contributions to American historiography and should stimulate in-
terest in such courses in graduate schools of history. For the most
part the essays are concise and critical, and show thorough research
and sound interpretation. The numerous citations placed at the
bottom of the page add to the value of the volume, which should,
therefore, find a place in the library of every student of American
Louisiana Polytechnic Institute.
A History of American History. By Michael Kraus. (New York:
Farrar & Rinehart, Inc., 1937. Pp. x, 607. $3.75.)
For the student of American historiography Professor Kraus's
History of American History will be a very helpful book. The
sentence, "But no survey of the whole field of American historical
writing was available," serves the author as the reason for writing
the book. Professor Kraus explains that he omitted those Ameri-
can historians "who did not write on our history" and those who
"did not fall properly within the scope" of his book, and expresses


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