The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 41, July 1937 - April, 1938

VoL. XLI JULY, 1937 No. 1
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by contributors to THE QUARTERLY
The Texas State Historical Association was organized in 1897
by Governor 0. M. Roberts, Governor F. R. Lubbock, Judge John H.
Reagan, Professor George P. Garrison, and Professor Lester G.
Bugbee. Its purpose was stated to be: to promote historical
studies and to discover, collect, preserve, and publish historical
material relating to Texas and the Southwest.
In the attainment of its initial purpose the Association has met
with remarkable success in the period of exactly forty years since
its organization, particularly with regard to publication. Since
1897 the Association has published regularly a quarterly maga-
zine-The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association
from July, 1897, through April, 1912 (Volumes I-XV), and
The Southwestern Historical Quarterly since July, 1912 (Volumes
XVI-XL). Professor Garrison served as editor of The Quarterly
through Number 1 (July, 1910) of Volume XIV. Following the
death of Professor Garrison in July, 1910, Professor Eugene C.
Barker and Mr. E. W. Winkler edited the remaining three num-
bers of Volume XIV. Beginning with Number 1 (July, 1911)
of Volume XV, Professor Barker served as editor or as managing
editor through Number 4 (April, 1937) of Volume XL. The
forty volumes of the Association's quarterly magazine, as thus
edited, contain what is doubtless the greatest collection of pub-
lished materials relating to Texas and the Southwest. They con-
stitute, in truth, a veritable monument to the ideals and labors of
the founders of the Association and of those who have carried
on subsequently the work begun by them.

Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 41, July 1937 - April, 1938. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 26, 2016.

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