The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 42, July 1938 - April, 1939

168 Southwestern Historical Quarterly
at the same time to observe that the difference between urban
and rural people has within a generation rapidly disappeared and
that the urbanization of the rural population has been accomplished
largely through the influence of the village. It is called to the
attention of the reader that the more important rural problems
arise from the lag between the institutions created by free activity
of men in economic and social spheres and those which depend
upon the action of legislative bodies.
The author calls attention to the multiplicity of areas, but
arrives at the conclusion that it matters not whether the local
area be county, township, town, or school district; the psychology
is the same and, thus, the basic problems in local government
are very similar in all sections of rural America. The rural dis-
tricts of themselves present no unique problems in politics and
administration which are separate, distinct, and totally apart from
the city.
The first few chapters of the volume state the issue, present
the economic and social background, and explain the rural attitude.
Following these there are good chapters on the conditions of rural
administration, state-local financial relations, the crime problem
in the rural areas, relief and public welfare, and finally a chapter
dealing with the problem of reconstructing local government.
The book is carefully documented. The author shows not only
a familiarity with the literature in the field but also an under-
standing of the mores of county and village people. While the
material is well organized, sometimes long quotations make the
author's opinions difficult to obtain. On the whole he has done
a creditable piece of work.
The University of Texas.
The Government of England. By R. K. Gooch. (New York: D.
Van Nostrand Company, Inc., 1937. Pp. x, 326.)
Professor Gooch is quite frank in recognizing the limitations
of this little textbook which is "offered to American undergrad-
uates who, in most cases, will have had some formal instruction
in respect of the American Constitutional System." On the basis
of his experience as a teacher and believing that university students

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