The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 42, July 1938 - April, 1939

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

the problem of introducing undergraduates to an "understanding"
of the English System.
The University of Texas.
And Tell of Time, by Laura Krey (Houghton Mifflin Company),
is a wholly enjoyable story of life on the lower Brazos River during
some twenty years following the Civil War. Free from mawkish-
ness, immaturity, and exaggeration, the book unfolds a wholesome
and veracious picture of the patriarchal society of its period, and
is a distinctive contribution both to literature and to history.
E. C. B.
The Association acknowledges the receipt of Charles E. Payne's
Josiah Bushnell Grinnell, a volume in the Iowa Biographical Series
published under the editorship of Benjamin F. Shambaugh. This
work is well done.
C. H. T.
The Association takes great pleasure in noting that the first
volume of The Writings of Sam Houston, edited by Miss Amelia
W. Williams and Professor Eugene C. Barker, is to be off the press
about November 1. This first volume covers the years 1813 to 1836
and will sell for $3.25 postpaid. The edition is limited to 500
R. L. B.


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