The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 42, July 1938 - April, 1939

Book Reviews

index of thirteen pages. Professor Bining's book will find its place
in the literature on colonial economic life.
The University of Texas.
Early American Hlistory (1492-1789). By Jennings B. Sanders.
(New York: Prentice-Hall, Inc. 1938. Pp. xx, 632. $3.75.)
This splendidly organized volume is divided into live parts:
Europe in America (1492-1660); Colonial Expansion and Prob-
lems of Control (1660-1689); The Colonies Come of Age (1689-
1763); Colonial Civilization; Revolution, Independence, the Con-
stitution (1763-1789). The narrative of our early history is
carried from the earliest beginnings of American colonization to
the adoption of the Constitution in 1787. The author has
achieved a nice balance between political, social, and economic
factors; for the most part, there 'has been no effort to blend these
factors (or make a master synthesis) which usually results in
confusion. Although the author's style may be awkward at times,
on the whole his presentation is marked by clarity (of first
importance in a textbook) and not confounded by an effort to
write an "interpretation" o[ American history. A separate in-
troduction [or each of the five major divisions of the book
furnishes connecting links which should tend to keep the student
from regarding history as a series of "water-tight" compart-
ments. The author has made extensive use of the sources as well
as most of' the standard secondary works. The footnotes are
where they belong-at the bottom of the page. For the most part
the footnote citations are useful and designed to induce the student
to make use of the "Introductory Bibliography" given in the
appendix. The format is excellent; typographical errors are
almost non-existent (see p. vii); but only four maps are given
which is not sufficient for a history textbook. There is a good
Superior State Teachers College.


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