The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 42, July 1938 - April, 1939

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historians of Mexico has been translated for the first time into
English and made available to American students of the South-
west. The Spanish translation published in Mexico, however, has
one advantage in that it brings up the account to 1796 in an
appendix written by Diego (Manuel) Troncoso y Buenvecino, one
of the translators of the original work of Clavigero. The present
translators of the Slori might have profitably added this appendix
to the present English version.
The importance of this fundamental work on the early history
of Lower California, from which the ultimate occupation of present
California was undertaken, is self-evident. The historian as well
as the naturalist, the archaeologist, and the ethnologist alike will
read with interest and profit the simple and illuminating narrative
of Clavigero's masterly account. The translators have preserved
much of the natural charm and simplicity of the original and have
added valuable information in the annotations.
The biographical sketch in the translators' preface is far from
complete and could have been made fuller with the aid of Jos6
Miguel Macias' biography of Clavigero (Vera Cruz, 1883) and
the more recent and scholarly study of Luis Gonzalez Obregon,
El Abate Francisco Javier Clavijero: No-ticias Bio-bibliogr'ficas
(Mexico, 1917). A serious anachronism is found in the statement
that "in all his early studies Clavigero was aided by the erudite
Mexican antiquarian Don Carlos Siguenza y Gongora." The Mex-
ican savant died in 1700, thirty-one years before Clavigero was
The University of Texas.
Hispanic America: Colonial and Republican. By Charles Edward
Chapman. (New York: The Macmillan Company, 1938.
Two volumes bound as one. Colonial Hispanic America:
A History. Published, 1933. Reprinted, 1938. Pp. xvii,
405. Republican Hispanic America: A Hi slory. Pub-
lished, 1937. Pp. xvii, 463, $4.00.)
This volume appears to have been published for the sole purpose
of bringing to the public at a lower price Professor Chapman's
excellent studies of colonial and republican Hispanic America.
The present volume contains the full texts, and all of the maps,


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