The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 42, July 1938 - April, 1939

Colonel J. K. F. Mansfield's Inspection Report of Texas 351
(Continued from the January, 1939, Number)
FORT DAVIs, 16TH, 17TH, 18TH, 19TH, 20TH JUNE
This post was in the command of Lt. Col. W. Seawell of the
8th Infantry with 6 companies; as follows.
Field & Staff. Lt.Col. Seawell; Adjt. W. Mc.E.Dye; 1st Lt.
T. G. Pitcher regt. quartermaster; Assistant Surgeon A.I. Foard;
1 Sergeant Major; 1 Quartermaster Sergeant; 2 principal musi-
cians; 13 Band and 1 sick.
Company A. Capt. L. Smith at Military Asylum, Washington
City, since 21st Dec. 1851; 1st Lt. & Bt.Capt. L.B. Wood at Mili-
tary Asylum, Kentucky, since 26th Oct. 1853; 2nd Lt. Z.R. Bliss
in command & scouting since 30th May-2 Sergeants, 2 Corporals,
2 Musicians, 42 privates for duty-1 Sergt & 8 men on extra
duty-4 sick-2 confined-1 Sergeant, 1 Corporal & 4 men scout-
ing with Lt. Bliss-1 on mail escort-1 Corporal on furlough.
Total, 1 Officer & 70 men at command.
Company C. Capt. A.F. Lee, sick; 1st Lt. R.G. Cole absent
on leave for 6 months from 13th Nov. 1855; 2d Lt. W. Mc.E. Dye,
Adgt. 3 Sergeants, 3 Corporals, 2 Musicians, 45 privates for
duty-1 Sergeant & 5 Men on extra duty-2 sick-3 confined-
2 detached to garden. Total, 1 officer & 66 men at command.
Company D. Capt. C.D. Gordon very sick; 1st Lt. T.G. Pitcher,
Regt. quartermaster; 2d Lt. E.L. Hartz in command of Company
F since 23rd March 1856-2 Sergeants, 3 Corporals, 38 men for
duty-6 on extra duty-5 sick-1 musician & 2 men confined-
1 musician & 2 men with Lt. Bliss on a scout.-3 on detached
service-i confined at fort Columbus, N.Y. Total 2 officers &
63 men at command.
Company F. Capt. R.P. Maclay absent on leave for 4 months
from 25th March 1856. No first Lieut; 2d Lt. W.B. Hazen not
joined since promoted on the 11th Oct 1855-3 Sergeants-4 Cor-
porals-1 Musician-38 men for duty-9 on extra duty-5 sick-
1 musician & 5 men confined-2 with Lt. Bliss on a scout & 1
mail driver. Total 69 men at command.

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