The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 42, July 1938 - April, 1939

64 Southwestern Historical Quarterly
the preface Professor Dodd expresses his "genuine thanks" to
various libraries and librarians and to "hundreds of graduate
students at the University of Chicago." He points out that this
volume "indicates the motives which moved nearly all Europeans
to cross the stormy North Atlantic . . . religious freedom and
simple self-government."
The struggles for democratic government which occurred in
the four Southern colonies treated in this volume -Virginia,
Maryland, and the Carolinas--cannot, in the light of history, be
regarded as unexpected or unlooked for. Indeed, Professor Dodd
shows how the struggles in America were but counterparts of
struggles in England "for a more liberal form of government" and
how the wars in Europe during the seventeenth century "greatly
influenced the North American settlers." Not only did the set-
tlers want freedom in religion and in government, but they wanted
it also in land and in trade. As necessary as the commercial policy
embodied in the navigation acts seemed to England, just so unfor-
tunate and untimely was it when regarded in the light of results-
opposition of the colonists toward and even violation of the acts.
Distance from the colonies and the preoccupations of the mother
country made enforcement both difficult and well-nigh impossible.
These factors made privateering and piracy possible in England's
American waters, for the colonists were ever ready to deal with
these daring men who were willing "to pay about twice as much
for colonial products as England was in the habit of paying."
Fourteen chapters relate the story of this volume. The ninth
and tenth, just by way of illustration, deal with the economic
nationalism of the restored Stuart regime and with the first Ameri-
can "recovery." Stuart planning restricted the colonial market,
and the efforts at colonial "recovery" failed. Fourteen illustra-
tions and five maps add much to the interest inherent in the book.
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Ten years before the publication of this book, J. B. Brebner's
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