The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 43, July 1939 - April, 1940

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

The Texas State Historical Association entered last year on a
policy of expansion calculated to make Texas history assume a
place of importance in the thinking of Texans. This policy was
initiated by Dr. Eugene C. Barker, former President W. E.
Wrather and Mr. George Hill. These men succeeded in raising
an endowment of more than four thousand dollars and in obtain-
ing subscriptions for perhaps an equal amount to be paid in
the future.
The program this year is directed towards building a broader
foundation of membership among individuals and in the schools.
As a part of this policy conferences will be held from time to
time in various parts of the state in order to bring together
members and friends who have some interest in the history and
traditions of Texas.
Such a conference will be held at San Antonio in connection
with the Texas State Teachers Association. The date is Decem-
ber 1 and the hour from 10 p. m. until midnight. The place is
the ballroom of the Plaza Hotel. All members of the Texas State
Historical Association are invited to attend and to act as hosts
to the visiting teachers. The San Antonio members will be special
hosts and are arranging details. This is the first time that the
Association has had a section at the annual teachers' meeting.
There will be four or five brief talks of about ten minutes
each, followed by an hour of coffee and conversation. It may be
recalled that last summer members drove as far as six hundred
miles for the conference held for graduate history students in
Austin. These historians come to meet congenial souls who under-
stand their interest in Texas history and Texas books.
Many years ago when the University had charge of affiliating
high schools, the board of regents sent the Quarterly to all affiliated


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