The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 43, July 1939 - April, 1940

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

the relation of government to business, and the decline of the
states are treated in separate chapters. The Supreme Court
comes in for a drubbing, and the writer of the chapter bewails
the fact that the voiding of laws by the Supreme Court is the
action of an oligarchy. Doesn't it follow that laws passed by
small majorities in Congress are likewise the actions of an
oligarchy ?
In the fourth part four chapters deal with our relations abroad.
Henry C. Wolfe, author and foreign correspondent, paints "The
International Scene"; Peter Molyneaux explains "The Fallacy
of Economic Nationalism" and asserts that today "economic na-
tionalism is entirely untenable as a desirable policy for the United
States"; Senator Gerald P. Nye asks "Is Neutrality Possible for
America?" and goes into an enlightening discussion of what is
being done in the name of national defense; and Clark M. Eichel-
berger shows "The Road to Peace" is "to be found through in-
creasing cooperation in a highly developed society of nations."
The chapters by Molyneaux and Nye should be read by every
American citizen; the others are also eye-openers on the kind of
a tomorrow which is in the making today.
The style in most of the chapters is good. The writers seem
to speak from positive conviction. On the whole one gains the
impression that much reform is needed at home and abroad and
that we are on the point of losing many of our inalienable rights.
One senses nervousness and restlessness in many of the articles.
Indeed, the preface reveals that we are living in an era of change,
insecurity, and what not, and that there "are manifestations of
general unrest and dissatisfaction among the masses." It is to be
hoped that the solution of our economic, social, and political prob-
lems will cure this dissatisfaction.
The University of Texas.
Personal Recollections of Trinity College, North Carolina, 1887-
1894. By John Franklin Crowell. With a preface by
Charles L. Raper. (Durham: Duke University Press, 1939.
Pp. xiv, 280. $3.00.)
The present volume, one of a series marking the centennial of
Duke University, covers the administration of its author as presi-


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