The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 43, July 1939 - April, 1940

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

numerical order of the districts, with an alphabetical index of
names covering the whole volume. The districts are more or less
permanent, while the membership has many changes at each
biennial election. The compiler arranged the names of each branch
of each legislature in alphabetical order, and omitted the index.
Changes in the membership are indicated by footnotes, but these
footnotes do not indicate the dates when the changes occurred.
The introduction states that "the names of the counties comprising
the districts are omitted except on those lists of members coming
just after each reapportionment." To the reviewer it seems that
such an arrangement would have met every need, and at the same
time have saved much space. The compiler names the counties in
each district for each of the forty-six legislatures.
However, this volume makes available in print for the first time
the names of the members of the Ninth and Tenth Legislatures,
and it makes available in one volume to all the libraries in Texas
and their users the names of the members of the forty-six legis-
latures. Many of these names have up to this time been inacces-
sible, because the journals have become so scarce that complete
sets can not be found even in large libraries.
The University of Texas.
A History of Texas, Land of Promise. By Joseph L. Clark.
(Dallas: D. C. Heath and Company, 1939. Pp. xi, 534,
History of Texas. By Ralph W. Steen. (Austin: The Steck Com-
pany, 1939. Pp. ix, 494. Illustrations.)
The diligent work of the Texas State Historical Association
in popularizing Texas history, and the introduction of the Quar-
terly in public school libraries, will surely give impetus to the
teaching of that subject in the public schools. Timely, therefore,
are these two textbooks. Both are profusely illustrated; they are
printed in keeping with the highest standards of craftsmanship;
they are attractive; and, although they are written at the sec-
ondary school level, they need not be despised by teachers and
college students. The authors have drawn on the best sources in


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