The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 43, July 1939 - April, 1940

Inquiries concerning the organization of Chapters in Texas
schools should be addressed to Junior Historians, University
Station, Austin, Texas. (For form see January Quarterly.)
All Chapters of the Junior Historians, regardless of whether
they have received their charters, are invited to send representa-
tives to the annual meeting of the Association on April 26-27.
A member from each chapter should be delegated to make a
report on the work being done. A special section will be pro-
vided, and, if it is possible, arrangements will be made to have
all Junior Historians present go on a tour of the historic places
in and around Austin. These include the capitol, the old land
office, the University's Memorial Museum, the State Cemetery,
and the 0. Henry house. It is hoped that they may be able to
visit the governor's mansion.
The following chapters have been formed since the last report:
Wichita Falls Senior High School
The Wichita Falls Chapter represents two history classes, and
has two sets of officers:
Presidents, Rudolph Manz and William Lindsay
Secretaries, Mary Silkwood and Bryan Howard
Reporters, Mary Ann Renfro and Helen Chisholm
Sponsors, Miss Lorena Friend and Lester Jones
Texas historians in Wichita Falls who will assist the members
are, in addition to the sponsors, E. C. de Montel and John Gould.
All are Texana collectors. The chapter has presented to the library
the second volume of the Writings of Sam Houston, edited by
E. C. Barker and Miss Amelia Williams, and a committee is
working on further selections. The chapter has fifty members.
"As soon as possible," writes the sponsor, "we plan a survey
of our members to find when their parents or ancestors came to
Texas. In an oil section such as this our population is cosmo-
politan and transient; many of our people are as interested in
getting to know Texas as they are in finding their family's con-
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