The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 43, July 1939 - April, 1940

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

back of the book and thus do not worry the average reader. There
is no bibliography, a note on that point stating, since "almost all
of the material on which this book is based has been taken directly
from the Archives of Maryland, it is unnecessary to give a bibli-
ography of sources, books, etc." There is an index to names of
persons and also a topical index.
The University of Texas.
The Log Boole of a Young Immigrant. By Laurence M. Larson.
(Northfield, Minnesota: Norwegian-American Historical
Association, 1939. Pp. vii, 318. $3.00.)
These reminiscences of the early life of Professor Larson, as
Dr. Blegen has suggested in the preface, are really the record of
an "intellectual and spiritual migration." When he was not quite
two years old, Professor Larson's parents, in 1870, left Norway
for the prairies of Iowa. Their son rose from the privations of an
immigrant dugout to the headship of the department of history
at the University of Illinois, and earned the highest honor his
colleagues in the historical profession can bestow.
Professor Larson would have been the first to disclaim any
special importance for this volume of reminiscences, but just
because it is such a straightforward, honest, tolerant, good-hu-
mored and wisely reflective account, and suggests similar experi-
ences by scores of other Americans who became citizens of the
United States by adoption, it has genuine historical value. The
author grew up in the period of dugouts, sod-houses and prairie
schooners in the Middle West, and his narrative contains frequent
references to such matters as folk medicine, pioneer food, prairie
storms and fires, pioneer education and literary tastes, frontier
politics, the coming of the railroad, the Norwegian-American
press, and the trials and struggles of the Norwegian immigrant
After absorbing the rudiments of an education as best one could
under Iowa pioneer conditions, Larson taught country school and
went on to college at Drake in Des Moines. Nearly one-fourth of
the book deals with these college years and several additional
chapters describe graduate work at the University of Wisconsin.


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