The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 50, July 1946 - April, 1947

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

Crook was strong in discipline. He never hesitated to use the
drastic weapon of court-martial but won the respect of officers
and men by personal leadership in battle and square dealings
in camp. He did not encourage parade ground drill but pre-
ferred training under campaign conditions.
Editor Schmitt did an excellent job and deserves praise for
discovery and publication of the Crook manuscript. The Uni-
versity of Oklahoma Press continues its high standards.
College of Mines
Rochester: The Water-Power City, 1812-1854. By Blake L.
McKelvey, Cambridge (Harvard University Press), 1945.
Pp. xvi+383. Illustrations and index. $4.00.
This publication has been made possible as the result of a
fund left by a citizen of Rochester, Miss Kate Gleason, to be
used for the establishment of a department of history in the
Rochester Public Library.
The City of Rochester budget provides for a city historian
and an assistant city historian. Dr. Dexter Perkins has the
first position, and the author of this book, Blake L. McKelvey,
the second. Thus it is easily understood why this volume is a
real contribution to American history. The story of Rochester
is related according to the best standards of historical writing
and constitutes a model of achievement in the portrayal of
municipal growth in the first half of the nineteenth century.
Rochester is typical of many American communities located
in regions with favorable natural resources. It has progressed
through the usual setbacks-social, economic, and political up-
heavals--to make one of the outstanding New York State cities.
The story is told in most entertaining fashion, is rich in per-
sonalities, and is fully documented in the footnotes.
University of Texas


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