The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 50, July 1946 - April, 1947

C. A. Warner, "Texas and the Oil Industry," is vice-president
of the Houston Oil Company and one of the outstanding stu-
dents of Texas oil. His splendid book, Texas Oil and Gas since
1543, was published by the Gulf Publishing Company in 1939.
Charlie Jeffries, "Reminiscences of Sour Lake," resides in
Winkler, Texas. His life has been closely entwined with the
Texas soil. He is now writing a novel on the Republic of the
Rio Grande. He is regular in his attendance at annual meetings
where he is frequently described as being the person present
"most typically Texian in appearance."
Boyce House, "Spindletop," edited newspapers in the Texas
oil fields for ten years. He has written two books, Were You in
Ranger? and Oil Boom, on the romance of Texas oil rushes. He
has also contributed articles on oil to the Saturday Evening
Post. He went to Hollywood as technical advisor on the picture,
"Boom Town." House offices in the Dan Waggoner Building at
Fort Worth.
Abby Wheelis Cooper (Mrs. N. D. Cooper), "Electra, a Texas
Oil Town," is a reporter and editorial writer for the Electra
Eugene C. Barker, "The Annexation of Texas," began teaching
history in the University of Texas in 1899. He became head of
the department in 1913. He edited the Quarterly for twenty-
seven years and is now the dean of Texas historians.
Rudolph L. Biesele, "Early Times in New Braunfels and
Comal County," is a member of the department of history in
the University of Texas. He is the author of The History of the
German Settlements in Texas, 1831-1861.
Barnes F. Lathrop, "Texas vs. Louisiana, 1849," is a member
of the department of history of the University of Texas. His
chief interest is in Southern history.

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