The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 50, July 1946 - April, 1947

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

epigram and to a "powerful, blasting, and biting invective"
which he used "all too frequently to his own disadvantage."
He had a "zest for personal combat" with the pen and made
"many enemies unnecessarily." The literary style of the
Pionier "was equaled by few of its contemporaries and excelled
by none."
The bibliographical note of two pages indicates a prodigious
amount of research without which, however, this splendid book
and this understanding evaluation could not have been pro-
duced. Wittke read all of Heinzen's published works, the
complete file of the Janus (1852), and a nearly complete file
of the Pionier (1854-1879), besides many other German-
language newspapers, as well as manuscripts with additional
information. Although Heinzen has been the subject of three
monographs, Wittke's book will really make Karl Heinzen live
and will have its place not only in German-Americana but also
in Americana, for Heinzen became a true American.
The University of Texas
Saints and Strangers. By George F. Willison. New York
(Reynal and Hitchcock), 1945. Pp. x+513. $3.75.
Quite in keeping with the practice used by printers in past
times of supplying the main title with a lengthy and descriptive
subtitle, Reynal and Hitchcock have provided Saints and
Strangers with a subtitle of thirty-eight words. The twenty-
four chapters, too, have titles, such as Seeds of Grace and
Vertue, Ye Lord's Free People, The Season of Gentle Showers,
Unsavorie Salte, Purge of Joylitie, and Into ye Briars, which
are quite in keeping with the language of the Saints. In other
ways, too, the author and publishers have caught and portrayed
the spirit of New Plymouth, the first English settlement of
continuous endurance on the New England coast. For this, as
for many other points, the author and publishers deserve com-
For the average reader, footnotes are a hindrance, and in
this book the reader's convenience was respected by placing


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