The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 50, July 1946 - April, 1947

Southwestern historical Quarterly

this account. For example, Crosby is six months off in dating
the California gold discovery, and he scrambles the schedule
of sailings in the fall of 1848. On other matters, however, he
is most illuminating, particularly so when it comes to presenting
the spirit of the times. An instance is his passing remark
on the phrase "I'm from Pike," a stock expression as universal
and as meaningless in 1849 as today's "Kilroy was here."
Traveling to California as a deluxe forty-niner, a preferred
passenger on the Panama route, he chose law practice rather
than gold mining, served in the constitutional convention in
1849, and as a member of the Legislature of a Thousand Drinks
(so-called because Texan Thomas J. Green kept moving
adjournment for liquid refreshment), and had ample oppor-
tunity to observe the working out of the federal policy on
California land titles. These matters he discusses at length.
In another section he tells about his diplomatic mission to
Guatemala in 1861-1864, an ill-advised and poorly timed effort
at negro colonization. Finally, as a sort of appendix, he adds
.a few California anecdotes, informative as to the folkways
of this frontier, but of only incidental significance.
The editor, Professor Barker of Johns Hopkins, though not
altogether sure-footed on this particular terrain, has done a
meticulous job, and the publisher has designed a pleasing
University of California at Los Angeles
Rook Aote
The Smith College Studies in History have completed (by
the end of 1945) thirty years of continuous publication. Dur-
ing that period they have published fifty-five books and mono-
graphs. Twenty-one of them concerned American general, social,
and cultural history; ten, the social and economic development
of the Connecticut Valley; four, United States foreign relations
and diplomatic history; seven, English history (mediaeval and
modern) ; and eleven, European history (one ancient, two me-
diaeval, five Renaissance and early modern period, three Europe


Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 50, July 1946 - April, 1947. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 27, 2016.

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