The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 50, July 1946 - April, 1947

. 9. Dealey ald the Preseratiolt
of rexas history
T HE Quarterly has already made note of the death of George
Bannerman Dealey, published of the Dallas Morning News.
It will not, however, render undue tribute to so devoted a mem-
ber of the Texas State Historical Association to make further
and special mention of his efforts to preserve all the historical
data which yet lives but which is on the eve of extinction.
It was in pursuance of that objective, largely, that he threw
so much energy into the organization and maintenance of the
Dallas County Historical Society. While the gathering and re-
cording of the historical lore relating to Dallas County was to
be the primary and the most important purpose in organizing
it, he hoped that it would exert an inspirational and exemplary
force which would bring about the organization of like societies
in all the counties of Texas. It has accomplished its primary
purpose well nigh perfectly; the history of Dallas County is
known and authenticated about as well as is possible; and if
the project of writing a definitive history of Texas should ever
be undertaken, the part that the Dallas County pioneers had in
the making of it will be easily available to whoever sets out to
do the work.
But as respects the secondary purpose, it has not been so
successful. Notwithstanding a steady barrage of exhortation
for the organization of such historical societies as had been
established in Dallas County, carried on in the editorial columns
of the News at his instance, only a few counties responded;
and it is to be feared that several of the few that were organized
have become moribund. It can not be said that the campaign
was an absolute failure; but neither can it be said that it was
a success in the measure of its merit, nor in the measure of
Mr. Dealey's hope. It was a sore disappointment to him, though
there was too much stoicism in him to given public sign of that
It was the idea of Mr. Dealey, as of course it is of all who
have urged the organization of county historical societies, that
the intellectual interest and profit which the members of such

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