The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 50, July 1946 - April, 1947

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The Congressional Career of Thomas Francis Bayard by
Charles Callan Tansill, professor of American History at
Georgetown University, has been received by the Texas State
Historical Association.
Thomas Francis Bayard of Delaware was a member of the
United States Senate from March 4, 1869; to 1885. Although
a Democrat, he did not approve of Stephen A. Douglas. He
sympathized strongly with the South and so belonged to the
conservative group. He fought the radicals in the post-war
He lost the Democratic nomination for President to Samuel
J. Tilden in 1876 and, when the election was thrown into the
House of Representatives, he was made a member of the joint
commission to decide the Hayes-Tilden contest. He took a lead-
ing part in the dispute.
Bayard had much support for the Presidential nomination
both in 1880 and 1884 but lost to W. S. Hancock in 1880 and
to Grover Cleveland in 1884. President Cleveland appointed
him secretary of state in 1885, which position he filled ably.
Only his Congressional career is covered by the author. How-
ever, this was the period of Reconstruction and recovery from
the Civil War and is rich in action. The volume closes with
a number of eulogies from men of prominence both North and
The publisher is the Georgetown University Press, Washing-
ton, D. C. (1946).
The University of Texas
The Rochester Historical Society issued in 1946 volume XXIII
of its Publications. The volume consists of two parts, "The Life
and Works of Jane Marsh Parker, 1836-1913," by Marcelle
LeM6nager Lane, and "Water Power Documents," edited by
Blake McKelvey.
The study of Mrs. Parker offers little information on major
historical events, but it is valuable nonetheless. Mrs. Parker
was a writer of no little note, contributing to the Atlantic


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