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Not Now

The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 50, July 1946 - April, 1947

Aaron Hill, mention of site,
Abad, Jesds Maria de, cited,
489, 492
Abandoned Lands, reference
to Bureau of, 234
Abbott, Rev. -, 352
Abbotts Creek, 286
Abercrombie, Charles, 318n
Aberdeen, Lord, 72; state-
ment against annexation,
Abilene, Kan., end of Chis-
holm Trail at, 358
Abilene, Texas: article on
founding of cited, 507;
newspapers, 228: reference
to material on, 162
Abilene Christian College,
joins Association, 303
Abilene Reporter, reference
to index of, 393
Abolitionists, against annex-
ation, 50
Aby, Mrs. Irene, work of, 392
Acheson, Alex, joins Associa-
tion, 406
Acheson, Sam, 141, 381; ar-
ticle by, 329-334; cited.
429; contributor's note on,
Adair, A. Garland, 116; and
Liberty County celebration,
Adams, Andy, reference to
material on, 164
Adams, John Quincy, against
annexation, 54-55, 57, 60
Adams, Loyce, writes for
pageant, 880
Adams, M. V., 46
Adams, Paul, 106, 115
Addicks, Thomas H. O'S.,
82n, 85
Addison, H. D., joins Asso-
ciation, 173
Adelsverein, 76, 85, 134, 298,
299; apportionment of land
by, 79; conveys land to
church, 85 ; description of
land of, 77; financial af-
fairs of, 81, 91; first set-
tiers of, 78; organization
of, 75 ; pays Ervendberg,
84; supplies settlers, 80:
supports churches and
schools, 83
Adjutant General's Corre-
spondence, cited, 463n
Adobe Walls, 105
Adult education, reference to
material on, 163
Agriculture: in early San Sa-
ba County, 100; impor-
tance of in South Texas,
448; nonslave, in Texas,

428; northern Tamaulipas
unsuited for, 431-432 ;
problems of, reference to
book on, 274; products of,
effect of weather on, 387;
references to. articles on,
136-139, 163; in Texas,
421, 424, 425, 427
Agricultural History, cited,
431n, 433n
Agricultural and Mechanical
College, Texas, 108, 143,
367n; band of, 13388 ref-
erence to material on, 163 ;:
reference to picture of, 382
Agua Dulce, 77n, 84
Aguayo, Marquez de San
Miguel de, Apache attacks
in time of, 193
Aikin, William A., 319n, 820n
Ainsworth, A. C., 282
Airplane industry in Texas,
reference to article on, 137
Alabama, 256n; legislature of
adopts resolution, 61; and
the Texas Revolution, arti-
cle on, 315-328
Alabama-Coushatta Indians :
reference to material on,
163; village of, 272
"Alabama Greys," activities
of, 323
Alamo, 156, 161, 163, 276,
381, 382; question of Ma-
dame Candelaria's pres-
ence at, 846
Alamo Epress, 452
Alarc6n, Martin de, and
naming of Bexar, 275-276
Alarc6n Expedition, refer-
ence to book on, 275
Album of American Battle
Art, 282
Album of American History,
Alexander, Father -, 83
Alexander, Mrs. C. Ivan,
cited, 343n
Alexander, Frank P., pro-
posal by of bill to create
railroad commission, 479
Alexander, John Price, 159
Alexander, John Rufus, 159
Alimony Inn, advertising in,
Alkali industry in Texas, ref-
erence to article on, 187
"Allegany Friars in Texas,"
reference to article on, 131
Allen, Senator -, 265
Allen, Mrs. Evon, joins As-
sociation, 303
Allen, George Scott, joins
Association, 515
Allen, Gladys, 106

Allen, Henry Easton, cited,
197n, 218, 219
Allen, Mrs. Jenny Ferguson,
joins Association, 405
Allen, John M., 504
Allen, Josephine L. (Mrs. H.
D.), letter from, 153
Allen, Olivia, marriage to
George Bannerman Dealey,
Allen, Reese S., purchase
of ranch land, 45
Allen, Susan J., reference to
article on, 140
Allen, Winnie, 106
Allhands, J. L., 116
Alligator Bayou Mud Turtle,
copy in American Anti-
quarian collection, 229
Allred, James V., reference
to material on administra-
tion of, 162, 163
Alamada, Francisco R., ref-
erence to article by, 384
Almanac, first in Texas, 420
Almanac, the Texas, article
on, 419-430
Almazan, Fernando Perez de,
permission of sought for
war against Apache, 193
Almonte, Juan N., report of
cited, 215
Alpine Avalanche, reference
to index of, 893
Alsate, Chief, attack on band
of, 212
Alvarez, Juan Leal, suit of,
Amangual, Francisco, sketch
of, 380-881
Amarillo, Texas, 162, 501
Amarillo News-Globe, 501
Amarillo Times, clipping
from, 398
Amaya v. Stanolind Oil and
Gas Co., cited, 269
Amberg, C., letter from cit-
ed, 473n
American Antiquarian So-
ciety, 229
American Anthropologist,
cited, 218
American Association for
State and Local History,
113; bulletin of, 384
American Bible Society, in-
formation from archives
of, 281-283
American Building Survey,
American Conflict, The, ref-
erence to, 427
American Dialect Society,
American Falls, Idaho, 336


Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 50, July 1946 - April, 1947. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 4, 2016.

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