The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 51, July 1947 - April, 1948

Cexas Collectio
My return to editing this department is occasioned by the
leave granted the regular editor due to illness. It is hoped that
Dr. H. Bailey Carroll will return to the assignment after two
John Walton Caughey in an article entitled "The Mosaic of
Western History" published in the Mississippi Valley Historical
Review, Vol. XXXIII, No. 4 (March, 1947), discusses some
twenty historical journals including the Southwestern Historical
Quarterly. His purpose was more to review and portray the
situation in the field of western historical publication than to
criticize or evaluate.
Professor Caughey points out something well known to editors,
namely, that they have but a limited control over the contents
of the magazine. They must take what is offered. In order to
establish a standard by which to measure the range and scope
covered by state and local historical journals, Caughey presents
a chart dividing the field into eight chronological divisions, from
pre-Columbian to present time. The Quarterly is represented
in six of these. The preponderance of articles falls in the two
periods of the nineteenth century, proving that historians go
where the history is thickest. In his topical analysis, Caughey
finds that nearly every topic he lists is represented by one article
or more in the Quarterly.
An Association member, C. C. Jeffries, calls attention to a
quaint morsel of misinformation in the Saturday Evening Post
of May 3, p. 47. In a National Guard advertisement, it is
stated that "Men of the 36th Division defended the Alamo."
Texas Collection would be interested in proof of this hitherto
unsuspected "fact."
Mrs. Joseph E. Taulman of Fort Worth and Hubbard has
presented to the Association some 60,ooo clippings relating to

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