The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 51, July 1947 - April, 1948

Book Reviews

same time his automobile highways destroy countless armadillos,
which have not yet learned the proper techniques for survival
in the automobile age. Nature itself helps by its "co-operatives."
A brush pile, a fallen tree take flowering plants into protective
custody by sheltering them from grazing animals.
Absence of an index is, for the serious reader, the one major
defect of the book. Such formidable apparatus is no more out of
place in an informal presentation than are the scholarly impedi-
menta of footnotes which liberally besprinkle the pages. In fact,
the very informality, which permits unexpected data in unex-
pected places, makes the need the more imperative. The defect
may be remedied, of course, by the energetic reader, who can
make his own index as he goes. But if the book, as its merit
deserves, goes into successive editions, it is to be hoped that he
will not have to.
Behind "the adventures of a naturalist" is a man of stature
whose rich cultural heritage is drawn equally from the world of
books and the world of nature.- Heartening, and amazing in so
mechanized an age, is the ripe human wisdom of a man who
has kept his mind and soul in almost perfect balance. It is a
rare book, combining the rigorous objectivity, where necessary,
of the man of science with the comprehensive understanding of
the scholar-humanist.
The University of Texas
Lincoln and the South. By J. G. Randall. Baton Rouge (Louis-
iana State University Press), 1946. Pp. xi+ 161. Illustra-
tions. $3.oo.
Beginning in 1937 the Graduate School and the Department
of History of Louisiana State University invited prominent uni-
versity professors and other scholars to deliver annually a series
of lectures in honor of Dr. Walter Lynwood Fleming, one of its
former professors of history. These lectures have in due time
appeared in print. The book here reviewed contains, except with
slight variations, the annual lectures delivered in 1945 by Dr. J.
G. Randall, professor of history in the University of Illinois.
Several years back I had the pleasure of reviewing Dr. Thomas


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