The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 51, July 1947 - April, 1948

rexas Collectioa
ON my return .to the editorship of the Quarterly and to
this department I want first to thank Drs. Webb and
Barker for their manifold services so generously ren-
dered during the time of my leave. The staff also carried on the
work of the Association in a highly gratifying manner. Particu-
larly encouraging is that the fine services of Mr. Leslie Waggener
as chairman of the Ways and Means Committee continue with-
out any letup. In the years ahead the Association will be able to
fulfill much more adequately its mission and obligation to pub-
lish the writings of Texas history. When publication is accom-
plished in the future, however, it must always rest upon a finan-
cial base which has been laid by Mr. Waggener's unrivaled
When the history of the Association is written, there may be
such a disproportionate number of events associated with the
month of February that the short month may assume almost
magical significance. This year in February the Association took
a first step in a long-contemplated move which will affect the
fortunes of Texas history endeavors for many years to come: a
part of the Association's offices were transferred to the Old
Library Building, where the Eugene C. Barker Texas History
Center is to be located.
The actual work of renovating and remodeling the building
began late in 1947. Occupancy by September of this year is a
goal and a possibility. Of course all construction work is now
subject to many hazards and delays, but nothing other than
mechanical processes stands in the way of the achievement of ,
the dream long cherished by many persons that the materials
of Texas history and the Association should have housing in
keeping with their importance to the past of the state.
Fittingly it was the Handbook section which made the first
move to OLB. Visitors may now find at their desks in room 107
Miss Llerena Friend, Mary Joe Carroll, Joseph Young, and Miss
Juanita McSpadden.

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