The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 53, July 1949 - April, 1950

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A s this copy of the Quarterly goes to the printers early in
October, the furniture is being uncrated for the Asso-
ciation's new offices in the reconditioned Old Library
Building which is to become the Eugene C. Barker Texas History
It appears now that the move from Garrison Hall will be
effected by November i. The move of the library holdings, how-
ever, will probably not be effected until late in January, 1950.
Ceremonies in connection with the opening of the Center will
be held on Thursday, April 27, just prior to the annual meeting
dates for next year. Members of the Association are encouraged
now, therefore, to place circles about the dates of April 27-29
inclusive and to prepare to have a part in the official opening of
the building which is to become the symbol of the history and
traditions of Texas.
A program will be mailed to Association members and an-
nounced in the press sometime in January.
Under the leadership of its energetic president, S. K. Stevens,
the American Association for State and Local History has recently
taken some splendid steps toward the preservation of history at
the state and local levels. The following announcement should
interest every member of the Association but should be specially
attractive to Junior Historian sponsors.
After serious discussion by members of the executive committee
present, it was decided to take the decisive step of producing a first
issue of a new quarterly magazine devoted to the fullest possible
development of the American historical heritage from the state and
local level. It will be titled American Heritage. It will absorb the
previous educational periodical of that name edited by Mary Cun-
ningham, and Miss Cunningham will serve as associate editor of the
new magazine. The new American Heritage will contain, slightly
altered, the excellent book commentary and audio-visual aids refer-
ence section of the former teacher's magazine, and other features of
educational worth.

Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 53, July 1949 - April, 1950. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 31, 2016.

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