The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 53, July 1949 - April, 1950

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Contributed by J. E. PIRIE
HE following letter was sent by R. K. Clark, a lawyer and
a recent arrival in Paris, Lamar County, Texas, to his
sister and brother-in-law who were residing temporarily
in Illinois after a move from Shelbyville, Tennessee. Clark's de-
scription of the Republic was sufficiently attractive to lead the
Stephens family to Texas.*
Bond County
Paris Lamar County Texas
Nov 17th 44
Dear Brother and Sister
I received your highly welcome letter a week or two since. I have
been from home attending court which has prevented me from an-
swering it earlier. Your letters afford me as much pleasure as mine
can possibly render you so I hope you will not neglect to write very
frequently. I am still in excellent health and fine spirits, my pros-
pects flattering. Simpson Morgan is still with me a truer and better
friend never lived. He is also still doing well.
There is not now a case of sickness in my knowledge and there
has been but few the past season. I am afraid to take the past summer
as a criterion of the general health of the country if it were so this
is healthy beyond any country I have been in. But I can say this. I
believe it healthy for the latitude of course not so healthy as Middle
Tennessee but perhaps as healthy as Missouri or Illinois. The immi-
grants from those states say equally as much so. Land is cheaper here
than anywhere else at this time. I consider the greatest advantages
in moving to this country but if we should be joined to the U States
it will make land instantly as dear as in any of the western States.
Society is bad here at present in most places and there are a great
many mean people here but I do not consider this a material objec-
tion to the county as it is so in all new countrys and time will cure
the evil. I have met with many as high toned high souled honorable
*The original letter is now in the possession of J. E. Pirie, 1707 West 42nd St.,
Austin, Texas.

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