The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 54, July 1950 - April, 1951

exas Collectio
THIS issue of the Quarterly is devoted almost exclusively
to the opening of the Eugene C. Barker Texas History
Center, which was the first event of this year's annual
meeting. A brief account of the opening activities and of the
regular program which followed may be found in the Affairs
of the Association section. It was a real pleasure to have present
at this occasion most of the present members of the University
board of regents, several of the past regents, and officials of the
University, all of whom cooperated in the establishment of the
Barker Center. It was thus possible for the Association in a
measure to express appreciation for the recognition which Dr.
Barker has received and for the splendid accommodations which
have been provided for the Association offices and for the Uni-
versity's collections of Texas books and archival materials.
During the past year Texas-born Carl Coke Rister, research
professor of history at the University of Oklahoma, has served
as president of the Mississippi Valley Historical Association. In
compliment to Professor Rister this year's annual meeting was
scheduled for Oklahoma City. The fine services of Professor
Rister were reflected in the excellent program presented and the
attendance which was reported by the Daily Oklahoman as al-
most twice that of other meetings within recent years.
Professor Rister's presidential address was: "The Oilman's
Frontier," which dealt with Texas more than any other state
area, As a matter of fact the meeting was flavored with Texas
and Texans throughout. Perhaps the largest state delegation,
other than from Oklahoma, the host, was from Texas. The fol-
lowing registered as from the Lone Star State:
Miss Celeste Albright H. Bailey Carroll
loo2 Main University of Texas
Brownwood, Texas Austin, Texas
E. C. Barksdale Kennard B. Copeland
Arlington State College 1109 E Brackenridge Apartments
Arlington, Texas Austin, Texas

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