The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 54, July 1950 - April, 1951

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a. Company Officers Quarters-2 rooms, 18 x 18,
with passage 15 ft.-hewn logs-clapboard
b. Officers Quarters-2 rooms, 15 x 15, with 8
ft. passage-logs-leaky.
c. Officers Quarters-2 rooms, 14 x 14, with 8
ft. passage-logs-leaky.
d. Quarters-Company "B," Second Dragoons-
2 double buildings with passage between of 12
ft.-4 rooms, 17 x 17--old & leaky.
e. Unoccupied Company Quarters-palisade work
logs--leaky & no floor.
f. Hospital--body of building 34 x 17-2 corner
rooms 10 x 10-framed board floors-clapboard
roof-2 piazzas.
g. Adjutants Office-framed-2 rooms, 11 x 11,
with passage of 7 ft.-2 leaky piazzas.

h. Two Commissary Storerooms-90 x 31, logs,
no floors-clapboard roofs.
i. Quartermaster's Storeroom, 30 x 15-logs-no
floor, leaky.
k. Guard House--logs-without floor, 12 x 12.
1. Bakehouse-logs, 15 x 20-leaky.
m. Company Mess Shed-palisade work, 30 x 15-
no floor-leaky.
n. Company Stable--palisade work, 150 x 30-
clapboard roof-leaky.
o. Unfinished Quartermaster's Stable-palisade
p. Laundresses' Qrs. 12 x 15--logs, no floors-
q. Sutler's Store.
r. Kitchens-logs-15 x 15 puncheon floors-

[See Southwestern Historical Quarterly, LIII, 459.]



Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 54, July 1950 - April, 1951. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed February 8, 2016.