The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 54, July 1950 - April, 1951

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muth, and Schenck. Here belongs Judge William von Rosenberg
(1859-1919), who graduated in law at Vanderbilt University and
served as city recorder and judge of the Austin Corporation Court
and later as county judge of Travis County for three terms. For
his interest in good roads in his first term, 1892-1894, the judge
received from O. Henry the appellation of "The Colluossus of
Part II traces the five descendants of von Rosenberg and
Amanda Fallier, his second wife, and their niece, Libussa Froe-
lich. By marriage and business relationships such names as Casis,
Finck, Weyand, Vogelsang, Meerscheidt, Speckels, Trenckmann,
Remer, Scholz, Teichmueller, Frede, Schuhmacher, Wurzbach,
and others came into the family. One of the descendants in this
group who interested herself in preserving the records and tracing
the history of the von Rosenbergs was Martha Caroline Meer-
scheidt (1875-1945), the daughter of Arthur Meerscheidt and
Amanda Karoline von Rosenberg.
The von Rosenbergs in the three generations depicted here
and their relatives with other family names were active in many
different occupations and interested in many activities such as
education, music, business, law, and religion. Some served in the
Civil War, and some either have been or still are prominent in
government service.
From such records as Familie Froelich and the von Rosenberg
scrolls much of the history narrated in this book has been ob-
tained. Martha Meerscheidt, already mentioned, did much to
preserve the family records. Mrs. Alma von Rosenberg-Tomlinson
and her helpers deserve great credit for compiling this book
from these records, for their time has been well spent. This book
may well become the inspiration for some other descendants two
or three generations from now to carry the genealogical history
on to their day and time.
The University of Texas
Basic Industries in Texas and Northern Mexico. The University
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This compilation of papers presented at a Conference on Basic


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