The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 55, July 1951 - April, 1952

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

JorHal/ of a Saddle rp rrougk Cektra
Zexas i 1871
N 1947 when ground was being cleared for the erection
of the new Masonic Grand Lodge Memorial Temple at
Waco, the old Dr. G. C. McGregor residence at the corner of
Eighth and Columbus Avenue was torn down. Among the trash
in the barn were found several old books, including a small
(31/2" x 6") leather-bound diary, with inscription on the fly-
G. C. McGregor, M. D.
Wesely P. O. [sic]
Austin County, Texas
On the first page is the following notation:
Purchased in Waco
June 23, 1871
There follows a diary-style narrative covering seventeen pencil
written pages, approximating fifteen hundred words, describing
a saddle trip across Central Texas in the summer of 1871, lasting
about ten days and traversing approximately four hundred miles.
The style is quaint and entertaining, and the observations were
Dr. McGregor came to Texas from the state of North Carolina,
settling first in Austin County and later moving to Waco in the
187o's. He practiced medicine in Waco and acquired a rather
large amount of property in McLennan County. The town of
McGregor in the western part of the county was named after him.
An itinerary of the trip includes the following points, some
no longer on the map:
From Wesely P. O., thence to Union Hill, Carr's Crossing, Cald-
well, Beck's Spring, Cameron, Elm Creek, Jeno P. O., Carolina (on
Deer Creek), thence "towards Marlin," Godolphin, Robinsonville,
Waco, Hog Creek, Meridian, Valley Mills, Childers Creek, Bosque
River near Clifton, Fort Graham (via Steels Creek), Peoria (across
Aquilla Creek), Hillsboro, Mt. Calm, Navarro County, Groesbeck
(via Christmas Creek), Brenham, and home. (Horses shipped by
railroad, from Groesbeck to Hempstead.)


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