The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 55, July 1951 - April, 1952

Votes ald DocuMetts
letters from the Co;federate vledical Service
ift ,exas, 1863-1865
Introduction by EUGENE C. BARKER
[Beaumont, summer of 1864]
By the bye-consider the horse trade settled in the affirmative-If it
[were] necessary I would step across the street & have the Seal of
Court put to my final emphatic & irrevocable acquiescence in what-
ever you may do in the premises-will that do?-I wrote to you-
did'nt I? to know what you intended to do about getting Salt? You
have not told me. I can get it here for 1.50-1.50 per lb. Let me know
if you can do better if not I will buy from Capt. Lee. We ought not
to put it off-I got 25 lb. this month from the Com. for nothing you
may say-Also 25 lb. Sugar. 40 lb Flour.-So that I have now in all
subject to yr order-44 lb. Sugar. 75 lbs Flour & 25 lb Salt. Which I
will increase every month by just as many pounds as I can. I am
sorry that I had not been getting salt all the time. I might have done
so. It is getting it almost for nothing. Let me hear from you on the
subject-8 pray dont suffer your little trades in future to depend upon
my consent-I am too far away-to have any thing to do in these kind
of matters-I am not certain but it would be a good investment for
the money I have-to buy salt with it-inquire what it is worth in
Hempstead-I make a little every now & then-I have changed my
views in regard to the comparative value of gold & conf. money-It
fluctuates sometimes but I find that Gold always runs up a little
higher after every change-so I shall take your advice & keep all the
"hard" that I get hold of-Tobacco is worth here 3o$ confed. p lb in
the leaf. or zoo silver.-Many are speculating in it-The Q. M. bought
a lot some time ago. sold it & made about Dolls.-but the man
he sold to made$ What a nice little fortune was before poor
Claud in this trade if he could have seen it-I thought-even I who
have no turn for speculation-I advised Claud to invest his money in
tobacco-he might have made himself rich if he had done so. I think
it will pay this year also if it is properly managed-They are all trying
to prize [press] it here. But they dont understand the management of

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