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The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 55, July 1951 - April, 1952

Book Reviews

to force the annexation question upon the party factions, for he
realized that this would mean a split in the party ranks.
The author skillfully and faithfully paints a glowing picture
of the politics of the early 1840's, particularly the election of 1844.
He describes hurried calls at midnight by one politician on an-
other; undercover activities in smoke-filled committee rooms;
desertion of political friends in the face of pressure; unknown
politicians running errands for the famous ones; notes scribbled
hurriedly and sent by riders to warn of a change in the political
wind; telegraphic notes flashing back and forth between Wash-
ington and Baltimore; caucuses ruled by a few; and conventions
controlled by the mob. Confusion, bickering, quarreling, dull
speeches, wild harangues, vituperation, double-crosses, insults,
plotting, probing, secret gatherings, catchy slogans, political be-
trayals, and nocturnal committees, all of these and more are
described in the pages of the book. Now and then a newcomer
to politics made honest efforts to clarify the real issues rather
than to obscure them.
The animated style makes the book readable; a complete index
makes it usable; the liberal use of an extensive and quite im-
pressive bibliography makes it authentic; and the brilliant organ-
ization makes it desirable. It is a must for all students of the
Southwest Texas State Teachers College
The Cattle on a Thousand Hills: Southern California, 185o-z880.
By Robert Glass Cleland. San Marino, California (The Hunt-
ington Library), 1951. Pp. 349. $5.00.
The first edition of this attractive and valuable study was
published in 1941. The author has now added one new chapter
covering the decade 1870-188o, corrected some errors, and pro-
vided a bibliography and illustrations. The whole forms a wel-
come contribution in well organized form to the history of one
of California's major regions. The main thread of the narrative
concerns itself with the history of southern California's extensive
cattle ranches--"California pastoral of the South," to adopt a term
from the historian H. H. Bancroft. Dean Cleland is master of his


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