The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 55, July 1951 - April, 1952

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

'ook 'Notes
The Texas State Historical Association has received Volume IV
of Documents on German Foreign Policy z198-z945 from the
Archives of the German Foreign Ministry, entitled The After-
math of Munich, October, 1938-March, 1939. This excellent
collection of documents published jointly by the United States
State Department, the British Foreign Office, and the French
Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the captured archives of the
German Foreign Ministry helps in part to confirm the conjectures
of various journalists and scholars in regard to the diplomatic
maneuvers of the National Socialists immediately preceding
World War II, and in part sheds new light on the subject. Nearly
half of the documents deal with German-Czech relations between
September 3go, 1938, and March i6, 1939. The rest deal with
German relations with Great Britain, France, Italy, the Papacy,
the Soviet Union, the United States, and the Far East during
approximately the same time.
The University of Texas
The Evolution of Latin-American Government, edited by Asher
N. Christensen and published by Henry Holt and Company, is
a book of readings in Latin-American government, the first of
its kind and one which should satisfy the long-felt need for a
readily accessible collection of readings to supplement the cus-
tomary textbook in the field. It contains fifty-five authoritative
selections, including articles from leading magazines and standard
works, and several essays written by the editor especially for this
volume. Some articles describe the governmental machinery and
practice of Latin-American governments; others examine the basic
factors-historical, geographical, cultural, and economic-which
have conditioned Latin-American politics; while still other selec-
tions deal with contemporary problems and activities. This col-
lection should add much to a more sympathetic understanding
of the problems and complexities of Latin America, so often
taken too lightly by the North-American student. It is an indis-


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