The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 56, July 1952 - April, 1953

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adequately indexed. Indeed, it might be regarded as a suggestive
listing of personalities and politics of the first half of the twen-
tieth century for more detailed treatment. The author quotes a
few pithy characterizations and arguments from the speeches of
the campaigns, and the number of these could have been advan-
tageously increased to lend popular reading interest to the vol-
ume had that been the purpose of the writer-which it was not.
Like Professor McKay's other writings, the volume will be a
useful reference book for students of Texas history and for readers
who wish a convenient guide to recent state politics.
The University of Texas
The Story of All Saints Chapel: Austin, Texas, igoo-z950. By
William James Battle. Austin (Von Boeckmann-Jones) , 1951.
Pp. x+ 17.
This book is the story of a church, and much more. In recount-
ing half a century's big changes and subtle little changes in one
religious community, it reflects mechanical progress (from old
melodeons and hand-pumped organs through "orgoblows" and
machinery that now makes church music), impacts as vast as that
of two world wars, details as specific as the allegory of stained
glass, a gallery of human beings, a roster of very human organ-
izations, a quick panorama of religious education, a running
comment on religious practice.
Local history often has an inevitable historian. Dr. W. J. Battle,
professor of Classical Languages at the University and one of the
founders of the chapel, was the only possible writer of this book.
The chapel is not the least of the many scenes of his influence in
the University and the state. No other writer could have attained
his sense of intimate reality in this story, and no other could
have maintained his perspective in telling it. His account gives
the reader what a reader has the right to expect of such a book-
facts seen up close. For good measure it also includes liveliness,
common sense, good humor, tolerance, and wisdom.
Some day much will be said about the early relations of state
institutions with the religious foundations which stand to one
side of campuses. As this book amply shows, the proper separa-


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