The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 56, July 1952 - April, 1953

Book Reviews

The Territorial Papers of the United States. Compiled and edited
by Clarence Edwin Carter. Vol. XV. The Territory of Louis-
iana-Missouri, 1815-1821, Continued. Washington (Govern-
ment Printing Office), 1951. Pp. 834. $5.00.
This volume completes the publication of the territorial papers
of the United States relating to the Territory of Missouri. It
begins with a mail route register of January 1, 1815, and includes
documents arranged chronologically until Governor Alexander
McNair's acknowledgment of the receipt of President James
Monroe's proclamation of August lo, 1821, declaring the admis-
sion of "the State of Missouri" as a member of the Union. The
documents in between relate to all the numerous affairs of the
entire Territory, especially public lands and Indians, but includ-
ing important materials relating to frontier defense, transporta-
tion, communication, and territorial politics. Naturally William
Clark, governor of the Territory, is the chief personality revealed
in the documents, but every important leader in the period
appears in some connection.
The editing is uniform with the other volumes in the series.
Footnotes cite other manuscripts in the National Archives or in
other repositories, and where publication has been made, it is
noted. Enclosures with letters, including interesting maps and
newspaper clippings, are reproduced in many instances. In others,
their absence from the file is noted. The editor points out that
a large number of petitions, memorials, and legislative resolu-
tions which are disclosed by the Journals of the Congress have
vanished from the files. Eighty-seven pages are devoted to a com-
plete index that uses the most common variant of the different
spellings of names, especially common among those of French
The continuation of the publication of these useful volumes
is a great service to students of American history. The one under
review is indispensable for the study of the West during the years
covered. While it has been possible to go to Washington and
examine these documents, their publication in a well-edited
volume makes them far more useful even to scholars with time
and funds for travel. The series places in the hands of all students


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