The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 56, July 1952 - April, 1953

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

'ook Sotes
In July, 1943, the Illinois Central Railroad deposited in the
Newberry Library, Chicago, the bulk of its central office papers
from February, 1851, to November, 1906. There are 400,000
documents, 126 bundles or boxes of miscellaneous material, and
2,000 bound volumes of account books in the collection.
The Texas State Historical Association has received The Guide
to the Illinois Central Archives compiled by Carolyn Curtis
Mohr. This guide makes these papers easily available to students.
It is a combined catalogue and guide and indicates the character
of each group of documents.
Some papers which were not included in the deposit are in-
cluded in the Guide and are available to students in the general
offices of the railroad.
Copies may be secured as long as the supply lasts from the
Newberry Library, Chicago lo, Illinois.
The Norwegian-American Historical Association of North-
field, Minnesota, has sent the 'Texas State Historical Association
another of its publications of Norwegian American annals. The
volume is entitled A Chronicle of Old Muskego. This diary of
Soven Bache, 1839-1847, adds to the story of a "mother colony"
in a Norwegian immigrant settlement on the Wisconsin frontier
known as Old Muskego.
Soven Bache was interested in many phases of American life
and shows himself to have been a close and careful observer. He
was a shrewd trader and an excellent judge of the quality of land
offered for sale. He traveled widely, and the record includes much
miscellaneous information picked up on his journeys.
The 'Texas State Historical Association has received from the
Librarian of Congress a booklet entitled Colorado: Diamond
Jubilee of Statehood. This is the fourteenth in a series of cata-
logues of exhibitions commemorating significant anniversaries
in the histories of the states and the territories of the United
States of America.


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