The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 56, July 1952 - April, 1953

A Check Gist of heses and Dissertatios
i& exas history
Produced i the Department of history of the
fiitersity of rexas
Compiled and edited by
[The following bibliography is a continuation of the compilation of
theses and dissertations in Texas history produced in the Department
of History of the University of Texas from 1893 to 1951, the first
section of which appeared in the July, 1952, Quarterly.]
DABNEY, EDGAR ROBERT - M.A., August, 1927 [lo7]
The Settlement of New Braunfels and the History of Its Earlier
Schools. vii+ 131 pp.
Illustrations: Hermann Seele; site of the first school; New Braunfels Academy;
class schedule.
Maps: none
Tables: none
Contents: Chapter I contains a brief history of the settlement of New Braunfels
including the Adelsverein, Bourgeois d' Orvanne and Fisher-Miller grants, activities
of Prince Solms-Braunfels and John O. Meusebach, and development of the town.
Chapter II traces the establishment of its early schools, 1845-1858-educational
clubs, church schools, New Weld orphanage, Comal Union School, private schools,
and city school. Chapter III discusses the incorporation, organization, teachers,
and financial support of the New Braunfels Academy, the establishment of the
New Braunfels High School, and later school history. Appendices include constitu-
tion for government of German-American Union School, rules and regulations
of New Braunfels Academy, and rules governing professors, teachers, students,
patrons, and the principal of the academy.
Tg927/D112. CEN. TEx., Loc., GER., ED.
DAVIE, FLORA AGATHA - M.A., August, 1940 [ 1 o8]
The Early History of Houston, Texas, 1836-1845. v+192 pp.
Illustrations: change note issued by city of Houston in early days.
Maps: none
Tables: none
Contents: Five chapters cover the background of Harrisburg and the history of
Augustus C. and John K. Allen; the early development of the Houston area; the
political development; cultural growth; and development of order in Houston.
TI94o/D285. G. C., Loc., REP., POL., ED.

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