The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 56, July 1952 - April, 1953

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of circumlocution" and pledging "Democracy's adhesion to prin-
ciples consistent with true patriotism," the adherence to which
would make Texas "the home of prosperity where every
legitimate calling, trade, avocation, and institution will move on
in harmony." He again pledged fidelity "to the fundamental
law." Hogg successfully steered a middle course between the dis-
contented Populist element and the aggressive anti-Hogg, pro-
corporation faction led by George W. Clark.
Not least among the commendable features of the book are the
explanatory statements of the editor introducing each selection
and the frequent amplifying footnotes. Those devices, happily
manipulated, provide adequate continuity and, together with the
context, furnish a most valuable contribution to the personal
and political history of the period. Hogg's success as governor
was written into law. The five laws for which he battled most
strenuously are included in the appendices. Also included is an
address delivered to the graduates of Sam Houston Normal In-
stitute, "Five Rules for Success" given the students of Baylor
University, and an address at the University of Texas.
The University Press and the Printing Division of the Univer-
sity of 'Texas deserve commendation for the excellent workman-
ship and general attractiveness of the book. The public will
await eagerly the more extended biography which Mr. Cotner
has promised. It would be a service to the students of the public
schools and colleges if there could also be prepared an abridged
edition of the Addresses and Papers as source material in history
and government courses.
Sam Houston State Teachers College
The Texan Santa Fe Trail. By H. Bailey Carroll. Canyon (Pan-
handle Plains Historical Society), 1951. Pp. xii + 2ox. Ten
illustrations, five maps, an appendix, bibliography, index.
The Texan Santa Fe Expedition originated in Austin in 1841
with Santa Fe, New Mexico, as its destination. The objectives
were both political and commercial, and it was hoped that as a
result of the expedition the arms of the Texas government would
be extended to the New Mexico Territory and that Texas would


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