The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 56, July 1952 - April, 1953

Book Notes

Nook Notes
One effect of the propagandizing for the study of the history
of the United States is the publication of numerous history texts.
The Texas State Historical Association has received from Alfred
A. Knopf the two-volume work by Henry J. Carman and Harold
C. Syrett of Columbia University entitled A History of the A mer-
ican People. The first volume covers the period from the discovery
to 1865; the second, since 1865.
The authors state in the preface that their approach is eclectic.
They have not hesitated to take a stand on controversial issues
but, recognizing the complexity of American life, have been
guided by the nature of the issue without regard to uniformity of
The organization is a compromise between the chronological
and topical approaches. A series of major topics are dealt with in
chapters covering comparatively large periods. Each chapter has
numbered subdivisions of the main topic under discussion. The
authors also state that they have proceeded on the hypothesis
that no part or period of American history is of itself more
important than another. Therefore, an effort is made to present
fully the political, diplomatic, intellectual, social, economic, and
religious history of the American people.
There are numerous well selected illustrations and more than
twenty maps in each volume. Included are valuable appendices
and very extensive bibliographies.
The Norwegian American Historical Association celebrated its
twenty-fifth anniversary on October 6, 1950, at St. Olaf College
with a program of addresses and papers. Two of these speeches
together with five other essays are included in the seventeenth
volume of Norwegian Studies and Records, recently received by
the Texas State Historical Association.
Among the interesting titles are "The Struggle over Nor-
wegian," "Brother Ebben in his Native Country," "Norwegian
Goldseekers in the Rockies," and "First Sagas in a New World:
A Study of the Beginnings of Norwegian American Literature."


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