The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 56, July 1952 - April, 1953

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

in 1837. Instead of practicing law, however, he wrote a historical
novel. In 1841 he came to the United States as a tourist, later
married a New York girl, and for the next twenty years he was
a "Frenchman in France and an American in America." He
joined the Union Army in 1861 and became a citizen of the
United States. As commander of the Lafayette Guard, he led
his regiment in a number of major battles. Breveted a major
general, he became the only Frenchman aside from Lafayette
ever to hold that rank. After the war he went to France, where
he wrote Quatre Ans de Campagne a l'Armee du Potomac from
notes he made during the war. Later he returned to the United
States and spent ten years in the army. This diary pertains to
his experiences at frontier posts in the Dakotas, Wyoming, and
Montana. He died in New Orleans in 1897.-
De Trobriand is such a dominant personality that he all but
overshadows the book. His keen eyes saw much that his com-
panions missed. He recorded with vivid prose his trip to the
Missouri by rail, the tiresome wait for the river boat, the
voyage to Fort Stevenson, and details of lonely post life and
life of the prairies and of the Indians. As an intelligent and
experienced observer, he has left an account of frontier military
life which only a skillful journalist and a cosmopolitan traveler
could give.
Texas Technological College
Some Modern Historians of Britain: Essays in Honor of R. L.
Schuyler. By some of his former students at Columbia Uni-
versity. Edited by Herman Ausubel, J. Bartlet Brebner, and
Erling M. Hunt. New York (The Dryden Press), 1951. Pp.
xiv+384. $5.00.
Professor Schuyler has been honored by a Festschrift of high
merit. The twenty-two chapters, each by one of his doctoral stu-
dents, present wise little essays on distinguished figures in British
historical writing: J. Lingard, Henry Hallam, Thomas Carlyle,
James Anthony Froude, Sir Henry James Sumner Maine, Gold-
win Smith, Samuel Rawson Gardiner, Sir Leslie Stephen, Wil-
liam Edward Hartpole Lecky, John Morley, G. O. Trevelyan,


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