The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 57, July 1953 - April, 1954

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

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Contributed by LEON DURST
C HARLES PLACIDE BRUNO DURST was born on October 11,
1832, at Nacogdoches, Texas. He moved to Leon Prairie
in 1844 to a two thousand-acre tract in old Robertson
County (now in Leon County), where he lived until his death
on January 19, 1905-
During the Mexican War Bruno Durst joined a company and
trained for several months. When the Civil War began, he
enlisted in Company A, 13th Texas Dismounted Cavalry, under
Captain Jet N. Black. He served in the Confederate Army
throughout the war, rising from private to lieutenant. He was
promoted for gallantry in combat at Mansville, Louisiana, where
he fought against Nathaniel P. Banks. At Sabine his outfit opposed
Frederick Steele and was in the feint made at Vicksburg,
Mississippi, just before its fall.
After the war, when John H. Reagan was employed in Colonel
John Durst's home as tutor to his children, young Bruno studied
law under him. Later he studied law and government at Hunts-
ville under Judge Andrew Todd McKinney. Durst then became
a member of the Texas Legislature in the early 1870's. In that
capacity he was credited with performing a leading role in
wresting the Texas government from the control of the E. J. Davis
Bruno Durst's letter to his friend, Captain Jet Black, follows:
Feb. 25, 1865,
Camp near Shreveport, La.
Your letter, written in the early part of January last, has just been
received by me through the hands of Wm. Durst. It has been some time
delayed-but on account of Bill's tardiness in handing it to me. I
take pleasure therefore in replying to your letter at as early a date
as this.
We have no particular news to write to you from this point than

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