The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 57, July 1953 - April, 1954

rarld Hooks on rexas Published
i/ oreig Couitries, 1900-1950
COMPREHENSIVE survey of foreign travel books published
during the twentieth century and dealing with the South
reveals that Texas, Louisiana, and Virginia are Dixie's
principal attractions for Europeans and South Americans. Louis-
iana's popularity is a result almost exclusively of the color and
history of New Orleans, although, statistically viewed, the Cres-
cent City is mentioned for these qualities only slightly more fre-
quently than San Antonio. A large proportion of foreigners who
visit Washington also make an excursion into Virginia to visit
Mount Vernon, but the Alamo makes a very favorable showing
by comparison with Mount Vernon as well as other historic
Five of the books listed in the bibliography deal with travel
in the nineteenth century; but, since they were published in the
twentieth century and have contributed to the picture of Texas
in the minds of foreign contemporaries, they have been included.
Between 1900oo and 191o only eight writing foreigners visited
Texas, and a similar number wrote about their visits between
1910 and 1920o. Between 1920o and 1930 there were eighteen, and
between 1930 and 1940 there were twenty-five. The eighteen
books which discuss Texas and were published between 194o and
1950 came from the pens of a handful of postwar tourists and
from foreign journalists and intellectuals brought to the United
State by the State Department.
No less than twenty-six foreigners have described San Antonio,
and virtually all are charmed by the historic monuments in the
old city, above all the Alamo. More recently the United States
Air Force has attracted considerable attention, especially from
government-sponsored visitors. Twenty visitors have described
El Paso, but this is largely because many travelers pass through
that city en route to and from Mexico. Eighteen writers describe
the impressive metropolitan atmosphere of Houston, and twelve

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