The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 57, July 1953 - April, 1954

Book Notes

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Texans will be pleased to learn that the Bureau of Business
Research at the University of Texas has reprinted the late Elmer
Johnson's valuable and long-time out-of-print The Natural Re-
gions of Texas. Johnson's study is one of geographic correlation;
the natural regions of Texas with the resource potentialities are
presented in an orderly, concise, and clear perspective. The ex-
cellent maps along with temperature and rainfall charts are val-
uable aids. A nominal price of one dollar makes it possible for
interested persons to own a copy.
J. C. Dykes' Billy The Kid: The Biography of a Legend (The
University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque, 1952) is number
seven in the University of New Mexico publication series in
literature and language. The work has 437 chronological listings
on Billy the Kid through the years from 1881 to 1952. Not only
books, but phonograph records, a radio broadcast, motion pic-
tures, comic books, and an advertising leaflet have been included
in the bibliography. Each item has been well annotated.
The University of Texas
Based on a doctoral dissertation, Wayne S. Cole's America
First, The Battle Against Intervention, 1940-1941, is a thorough,
well-documented history of the organization, activities and cam-
paigns of that manifestation of isolationism from its inception in
1940 by a young Princeton graduate, R. Douglas Stuart, to its
dissolution immediately after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Based
on five years' research in the Hoover Library and elsewhere, Cole's
book is written in a detached fashion. Long the center of isola-
tionism, the mid-West furnished over two-thirds of the three-
quarters of a million members belonging to the organization.
Texas and the South were absent.
Bernard A. Weisberger's Reporters for the Union, based on a
doctoral dissertation, describes the development of the war cor-
respondent from the unrecognized news gatherer to a new pro-


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