The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 57, July 1953 - April, 1954

A Check List of hesces aid
Dissertations i Zexas Jistory
Compiled and edited by C LA UDE ELLIOTT
EDITOR'S NOTE: The following check list of theses and dissertations
in Texas history produced in the Departments of History of eighteen
Texas Graduate Schools and thirty-three Graduate Schools outside of
Texas is an extension of the list prepared by H. Bailey Carroll and
Milton R. Gutsch which contained entries only for the University of
Texas. The Carroll and Gutsch list was printed in the Southwestern
Historical Quarterly beginning with July, 1952.
SOME cemeteries do not have tombstones. Illustrations of this
type of cemetery may be found in a dusty corner or a dark
ante-room of any Texas library where lie buried in obliv-
ion many treasures of knowledge about Texas and Texans in the
form of master's theses or doctoral dissertations. These items of
Texana have been written by students eager for advanced degrees,
prepared for interment by college library bookbinders, and have
been laid to rest peacefully in an isolated place by the librarians.
The following check list represents an effort to disinter these
treasures and to make them more available to those who wish to
use them.
It is hoped that the list will serve at least two purposes. It may
be of assistance to both students and thesis directors as a guide in
determining what has been done and thus avoid needless dupli-
cation. A quick glance at the list will reveal that there has been
much duplication of assignments in the various graduate schools
in Texas. The greatest hope which inspired the making of the
check list was that such list might be of real value to writers and
research students. These historical materials, known only to a
few, may through this means be accessible to anyone desiring
Obviously such abstracts as appear below could not have been
obtained and assembled without the co-operation of every libra-

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