The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 57, July 1953 - April, 1954

Book Notes

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Judging from the appearance of a number of history texts
recently received in the Association office, there seems to be a
tendency for the new publications to be more attractive than
those issued a decade or so ago. Handsome formats, excellent
maps, and attractive illustrations are observed in a number of
the new books.
Houghton Mifflin Company has brought out a second edition
of John D. Hicks' The Federal Union: A History of the United
States to 1865 (The Riverside Press, Cambridge, 1952). The new
edition has an attractive appearance; a few minor changes have
been made in the text itself.
A revised edition of Ralph Volney Harlow's The United States:
From Wilderness to World Power (Henry Holt and Company,
Inc., New York, 1953) has been issued. The work "is designed
to provide basic, essential material for the one-year college course
in American history."
Henry Bamford Parkes' The United States of America: A His-
tory (Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1953), is another recent
college text. The comprehensive work has attractive illustrations,
and the maps done by Theodore R. Miller are most commendable.
Harold E. Davis, director of Inter-American Studies of The
American University in Washington, D. C., in The Americas in
History (The Ronald Press Company, New York, 1953), has
designed a textbook for courses which includes the history of all
the American nations in the Western Hemisphere. The one-
volume work attempts to present in broad outline the political,
social, and cultural history of the New World. Author Davis
credits his hemispheric interpretation of American history to
the late Professor Herbert E. Bolton.
Those persons unable to possess a copy of Scribner's Dictionary
of American History will find that Michael Martin and Leonard
Gelber have rendered a valuable service with their New Diction-
ary of American History (Philosophical Library, New York,
1952). The New Dictionary in one volume does have limitations
but at the same time provides a useful reference work for
American history.


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