The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 57, July 1953 - April, 1954

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Dissertatios ii Zeras Iistory
Compiled and edited by C LA UDE ELLIOTT
[The following bibliography is a continuation of the check list of
theses and dissertations in Texas history produced in the Department
of History of eighteen Texas Graduate Schools and thirty-three Grad-
uate Schools outside of Texas from I907 to 1952, the first section of
which appeared in the January, 1954, Quarterly.]
DACAMARA, KATHLEEN - M.A., August, 1942 [141]
The History of the City of Laredo. iii+l 15 pp.
Texas College of Arts and Industries, Kingsville, Texas
Illustrations: transporting water with barrel behind donkey; Laredo Times build-
ing; fruit for export; old courthouse; political club notices; Rio Grande bridge
construction; old fire equipment; old landmarks of Laredo; old international
bridge; general store; city hall and market; Iturbide Street; first Hamilton Hotel;
onion train; Augustine Plaza, 1873; San Augustin Church; Mexican revolutionists
burning the international bridge; ruins of Dolores; Fort McIntosh; loading train
from oxcarts; old hospital; new courthouse; new post office; new bridge; new port
building; international foot bridge; San Augustin Church; San Agustin parochial
school; Guadalupe Church; Holy Redeemer Church; Ursuline Convent; St. Peters
Church; San Jos6 Church; St. Joseph Academy; Christa Rey Church; Baptist Church;
Methodist Church; Christian Church; Presbyterian Church; Episcopal Church;
Christian Science Church; Jewish Synagogue; schools; Pan American monument;
monument to Laredo World War I heroes; monument to Laredo founder; monu-
ment to Laredo war heroes; monument to Deaf Smith; monument to Shirley Da-
Camara; New Hampshire National Guard plaque in memory of World War I
treatment there; Los Matas Chines; Washington's birthday celebration; Laredo
Border Olympics.
Maps: none
Tables: population distribution; rainfall; temperature and similar data; freight
rates; fire losses to 1940; electricity consumers; water consumers; telephone data;
post office receipts from 1930; bank deposits from 193o0; population from 1755;
inhabitants of settlement (1757); original grantees of Laredo porciones; building
permits from 1934; annual retail trade; wholesale trade; service establishments;
carlot shipments from the Laredo area from 1934; import duties collected at the
Port of Laredo from 1931; American tourist cars entering Mexico at the Port of
Laredo from 1929; census of manufactures, 1899-1939; carlots from United States
to Mexico through Laredo during January, 1941; carlots from Mexico to United
States during month of January, 1941, through Laredo; Mexico to United States,
March, 1941; United States to Mexico, March, 1941.
Contents: Chapter I gives location, population, and climate; Chapter II describes
early history; Chapter III describes later history; Chapter IV gives the commercial
history; Chapter V relates the history of Fort McIntosh; Chapter VI discusses the
history of the churches; Chapter VII describes educational facilities; Chapter VIII
gives information concerning festivals, celebrations, monuments, and places of
interest to visit in Laredo.

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