The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 57, July 1953 - April, 1954

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

Shook aNotes
The Bureau of Business Research at the University of Texas
has recently issued several publications relating to current prob-
lems and needs faced by the state.
Notes on The Industrialization of Texas, Series 1, 1953, com-
prise twenty articles reprinted from the Texas Business Review.
Articles deal with Texas minerals, industries, crops, air transporta-
tion, and an examination of the population of Texas during 1950.
Articles have been prepared by the staff of the Bureau of Business
Research and the School of Business Administration at the
In September, 1953, the Bureau issued Economic Statistics of
Texas, 1900-1952, by Alfred G. Dale and Frank T. Cadena. The
compilation gives comparative data on Texas agriculture, minerals,
industries, and the retail, wholesale, and service trade.
Water Requirements Survey, Red River Basin, Texas, is another
study in the Bureau's series on water requirements of various
areas in Texas. Previous surveys have included the Texas Gulf
Coast, a portion of West Texas consisting of twenty-nine counties,
and the Texas High Plains. The survey for the Red River Basin
gives attention to "the economic activity of twenty-five counties in
the Texas portion of the Basin of the Red River of the South and
attempts to relate the future need for water in this area to the
potential economic growth that can reasonably be expected to be
supported by its resources." Water needs of the state have in recent
years become increasingly important with industrial expansion
and the acceleration of population growth. The water survey
publications serve to give some idea of "the amount of water
that will be needed in the future if the resources of the area are
to be developed to the fullest extent possible."
Another valuable water survey is the Geology and Ground
Water in the Irrigated Region of the Southern High Plains in
Texas. The publication has been issued by the Texas Board of
Water Engineers in co-operation with the United States Depart-
ment of the Interior and is a reprint of Progress Report Number
7, issued in March, 1949. The report, limited to that part of the
High Plains south of the Canadian River, is designed "to obtain


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